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Panama Film Festival Attracts Global Spotlight

The recently concluded sixth edition of the International Film Festival Panama was a big hit with the global film industry and helped confirm Panama’s growing influence as the region’s cultural center.

This year’s festival featured more than 70 films from 23 countries, including nine film premieres. Since debuting in 2012, the festival “has secured its place as, without a doubt, one of the most important festivals in Central America and the Caribbean,” Variety reported.

The festival has lofty goals and has helped establish Panama as a center for film production in the area.

“IFF Panama exists to show the entire world a fresh new perspective on modern, developing filmography from Central America and the Caribbean nations,” according to the group’s Web site. “We are committed to helping express the unique, genuine, and colorful flavor Central American and Caribbean cinema is bringing to the table.”

This year’s festival was another step forward in its evolution.  “In Panama the festival is clearly growing and getting its message across to an international audience,” José F. Rodriguez, director of documentary programs at the Tribeca Film Institute, told Variety. He called the Panama festival’s programming “stellar.”

The festival attracted international attention. Here are a few of the articles covering the event.

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Here is the official site for the festival.