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Buyers Embracing 3D Technology

Five months after we began offering 3D tours on selective listings, our clients are seeing the results. Several buyers have cited the 3D tours as one of the primary reasons they decided to ask about a specific apartment.

The state-of-the-art technology developed by Matterport, which we launched in July, allows buyers to explore the property in a multi-dimensional experience. They can pick and choose where they want to go, getting a clear and accurate perspective on the amenities that interest them the most.

We began offering the service to our exclusive clients and they immediately saw a pick-up in interest, especially from overseas. For international buyers, the chance to beyond the staged pictures is clearly making a difference.

It’s easy to see the impact the 3D tour has on the presentation. You really feel like your discovering the apartment, with the opportunity to zoom in on details that interest you.

Matterport technology improves the experience of virtual tours. There is none of the frustration of jerky videos. Matterport’s technology improves the 3-D experience, making it a smooth, “immersive” experience, beyond what most people experience in conventional virtual tours.  The result is a “photorealistic, dimensionally accurate 3-D model of a home or building.” The “immersive true 3-D” model is accurate down to the centimeter.

Check out how the video really gives you a completely different perspective for this listing.

Click Image to Access Virtual Tour

We had seen the data about how the virtual experience draws attention to a listing and keeps shoppers engaged for longer. But now we are really seeing it in action. It’s an interesting phenomenon to hear buyers discuss how they first explored their new home through the 3D tour.  

The 3D tours really work for everybody. Clients save time by getting a more in-depth picture of a property and sellers are able to show off the property in a stunning visual presentation.  

Want to learn more? Contact me now and I’ll let you know how it works.

Jeff Barton is Managing Director of Punta Pacifica Realty, the largest property sales, rental, and management company in Panama City.