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JW Marriott Celebrates Anniversary in Panama City

The JW Marriott is celebrating the one-year anniversary of taking over the hotel operations in the building formerly known as the Trump Ocean Club.

In many ways, the announcement that JW Marriott was assuming control of the hotel was a game-changer for Panama’s best-known tower. The change launched a new era for the iconic waterfront tower and, one year later, we are happy to celebrate the many changes it brought.

For starters, it brought an end to the long-running saga of the Trump management and the issues that came with it. When JW Marriott took over, all that controversy and history went away and became a non-issue for both hotel guests and residents.

Even more importantly, the change-over installed one of the world’s most respected luxury brands in Panama City, bringing instant credibility to the five-star facility. The JW Marriott immediately brought all the power and scope of its global influence to the tower, including worldwide marketing.

A year later, we can see the changes. There are more restaurants, better services and everything about the hotel runs better. You can see the impact all around the hotel. The JW Marriott is taking care of maintenance and everything stays clean and updated as befitting a true, top-level hotel. All the attendants are friendly and professional, and eager to take care of customers. JW Marriott takes their brand very seriously and they will do anything to make sure the amenities and service live up to the expectations of their discerning clients.

PPR recently produced a video that shows off all the beauty of the Ocean Club.

Watch video:

For Ocean Club residents, the difference in one year is like night and day. It’s great living in the same building as a real five-star hotel. Everything works better, the service is more professional and the atmosphere is really top-notch. Residents often say they feel like they are on vacation, seven days a week.

With that in mind, I know I speak for everyone in Punta Pacifica, when I say, “Happy anniversary, JW Marriott!”