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JW Marriott (Trump Ocean) Getting Makeover

In another sign that the JW Marriott tower is entering a new era, the homeowners association has announced plans to start a top-to-bottom painting of the building in February.

A “total painting” of the building, formerly known as the Trump Ocean Club, will begin at the end of  Feb, the group said. The work, scheduled to be completed in stages, will include surface cleaning, sealing of cracks, application of silicone in windows and application of base coat to surfaces, in addition to the painting.

The colors are “in the same range as the existing ones, assuring that the quality and duration of the same are appropriate to the exposure and climate conditions” of the building, the association said.

As the largest property manager in the building, at PPR we see this as great news. The waterfront tower is one of the most important buildings in Panama City – the building on all the postcards – and it deserves some pampering. We also handle a large number of sales in the building, and we see how this type of maintenance improves values for everyone.

This makeover is an indicator of how much has changed for the building in recent years. In many ways, the building languished for years under the previous administration, while the owners battled financial issues. In recent years, that all changed. The homeowners association fired the Trump management team and P.H. TOC Owners Association was able to lower fees and improve the maintenance of the common areas throughout the building. Now things are getting done, problems fixed and there is since the association is handling the business of the building.

Last year, the new owners of the hotel ejected the Trump hotel team, chiseled the name off the sign and brought in JW Marriott, one of the most prestigious hotel brands in the world. It was clear the tower was about to begin the next phase of its history.

Nothing like a good paint job to make that point. The attention to sprucing up the building sends a clear signal that the tower is ready to take its rightful place as one of the world’s great buildings

According to the association, the first stage of the work will start in the north and south wings of the building within and will last approximately four weeks.