In the News from Panama

Panama Takes Steps Toward Reopening Business

Panama’s government took a significant step toward restarting industry this week with an announcement that large construction projects and certain businesses will be allowed to re-open.

The decision to make the move was based on a decrease in the spread rate in Panama, while the capacity of the health system has improved, Health Minister Luis Sucre told reporters.

“We feel ready to face the pandemic even if (healthcare)demand were to increase,” Sucre told a news conference. 

The government’s new order will restart 69 construction projects from public entities and 15 from the private sector, according to coverage in La Prensa. Beauty salons, car dealerships, and construction sites would also reopen, with restrictions. Retail outlets will also be allowed to re-open for home delivery or for collection at the store, the government said.

The order will likely impact several of the large infrastructure projects in Panama, which can provide a major boost to the economy–one of the reasons many analysts expect Panama to quickly bounce back after the pandemic. The projects include the expansion of the beach corridor, the development of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, and the expansion of Panama’s metro.

Panama’s government has been proceeding with caution, which makes the recent news encouraging. By focusing on a data-driven approach, the country will be able to reopen efficiently and safely for everyone.