In the News from Panama

PPR Reopens Physical Office

We are happy to announce that we have formally reopened our physical office, following the latest guidelines issued by the Panama government.

The Health Ministry gave the go ahead for several businesses to reopen their doors on Monday, including real estate companies and wholesale suppliers. It also reduced restrictions on non-contact sporting activities, such as golf, tennis, and cycling.

For us, in many ways, it’s a small step. Our dedicated team of professionals has been working remotely and connecting with our clients in recent months. It’s been far from business as usual, but we’ve still been able to provide services and close deals in the digital environment.

As we reopen the office, our focus is on the safety of our team and clients. We’re going to closely follow the guidelines issued by the government and health officials, and many of our team will continue to work remotely and use our technology tools to serve clients. But we know it’s important to be open and have a place where we can be together, even at a socially appropriate distance.

We’ve been preparing to reopen for weeks and had everything in place to serve the pent up demand. We are already seeing an uptick of traffic from buyers and renters, who have been waiting for the opening and are now looking to move.

 The latest decree from the government provided the latest signs that the government is carefully reviewing the data and looking for areas to restart the economy. The decree included the restart of another 32 public and private sector construction projects. Flights have also resumed at Tocumen International Airport as a hub for layovers, even though Panama residents are the only passengers able to leave the airport on flights landing at Tocumen. 

All signs point to the government proceeding gradually and safely to reopen the economy, and making sure it will be a healthy and lasting reopening.