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Investors Capitalizing on Panama Visa Program

International investors are taking advantage of Panama’s Qualified Investor Residence Visa program, the country’s version of a “golden visa.”

More than $10.4 million in investments were certified under the program in March and April alone, the government recently announced. The investment was made in 19 different investments under the program, considered one of the best residency programs in the world.

In a press conference, Daniel Yau, general director of Investor Services made it clear the residency visa program remains a top priority for the government. The government agency will remain active in promoting the program, “which is part of the government’s efforts to boost the economy, create sources of employment and attract greater foreign direct investment,” El Capital Financero reports.

The program is perfect for property investors. A purchase as low as $300,000 provides a fast track to all Panama residency benefits, including healthcare access. Best of all, the visa program is one of the easiest to access, with applications typically processed in 30 days, and investors don’t have to be in the country to finalize the process. (The resident visa also applies to a spouse and children under 18.) 

In March and April, investors utilizing the program were from Colombia, the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, and China. However, the government also shows that the program is gaining attention worldwide, with participating investors from South Africa, Nicaragua, Spain, and the Netherlands, as well as the usual countries.