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The Red Carpet (Golden Visa Panama)


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Panama Investor Visa – Panama Golden Visa (The Red Carpet Visa)

Panama has its form of what is known as a “Golden Visa Panama” (the Red Carpet Visa) which offers permanent residency to people who make a minimum investment in Panama, including the purchase of real estate. The Red Carpet Visa (Panama investor visa), introduced in 2020, is simple, easy, and provides all the benefits of residency. Best of all, you can start the application from your own country, and the entire process can take as little as 30 days.

The most straightforward way to qualify for the visa is to spend a minimum of $500,000 to buy Panama real estate, although for a limited time, the threshold for property may be as low as $300,000. The property can be new, existing, or even in pre-construction.


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As an alternative, you can also invest $500,000 in the Panama stock market–either in a stock, bond, or other security–or you can establish a minimum $ 750,000 time deposit in a Panama bank. The government requires that the applicant must maintain the investment in Panama for a minimum of five years.

That’s it. Once you gain the permanent residency visa, you will enjoy all the rights and privileges of Panama citizens. And it will no longer be necessary to leave and re-enter the country to keep your current visa.

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Panama's red carpet visa & Panama Investor Visa

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Panama Investor Visa – The Red Carpet Visa (friendly nations visa)

united states or other foreigners besides from the united states for panama immigration and/or permanent residency status

Panama has its very own kind of what is known as a the Red Carpet Visa which provides long-term residency to people who make an investment in Panama. The Red Carpet Visa (panama capitalist visa), introduced in 2020, is easy, simple, and also gives all the benefits of permanent residency visa. Best of all, you can start the application from your own country as well as the entire process can take as low as 1 month.

One of the most straightforward way to get approved for the visa is to invest a minimum of $500,000 to buy real estate (business investor), although for a limited time the limit for residential or commercial property may be as low as $300,000. The residential or commercial property can be brand-new, existing or perhaps in pre-construction.

As a choice, you can also invest $500,000 in the Panama stock exchange– either in a stock, bond, or other security– or you can develop a minimal investment of $

Why Panama’s New Red Carpet Visa is a Big Deal for permanent residence

Recap of Panama’s business investor visa:

The current announcement that the Panama federal government is releasing a brand-new visa application, offering an irreversible residency visa in exchange for a financial investment in the nation, is welcome information for the Panama City residential or commercial property market.

foreigners or dependents of foreigners can also apply through private interest foundation

For a short time, there is an added twist to the visa bargain: as reported by our good friend, immigration lawyer Ricardo Faraudo, a companion with DENFAB Regulation, the federal government is decreasing the limit to $300,000 for two years, in huge component to help trigger the residential property market.
Various other countries all over the world deal Golden Visa application programs; the Red Carpet Visa makes Panama a lot more competitive in the international market.
Building as well as housing are viewed as vital factors in the market healing, and support of the realty market was especially cited as motivation for the brand-new visa policies.
750,000-time down payment in a Panama bank. The federal government calls for that the candidate has to maintain the investment in Panama for a minimum of 5 years.

That’s it. As soon as you obtain the long-term residency visa, you will certainly appreciate all the legal rights as well as privileges of Panama citizens. And it will certainly no longer be needed to leave as well as re-enter the nation in order to keep your existing visa.


Could This Be the End of the Golden Visa?

The window to get a European Visa could be closing.

To remind you, a “Golden Visa” is a path to full time residency through investment, which allows folks to gain residency, and sometimes citizenship, through purchasing homes or other assets within a country.

Real Estate Trend Alert members have successfully used Visas to get residency in Portugal, Spain, and elsewhere.

But it’s a practice that the European Parliament have been determined to end for some time… Now, following a recent scandal surrounding Cyprus’ Visa, Europe are stepping up the pressure on other European countries too.

That means we might have very limited time left to take full advantage of the best  Visa in Europe…at least in its current form.

Portugal’s Visa has been one of the continent’s most successful Visa programs. It played no small part in Portugal’s economic recovery following the Great Recession. Since it was launched in 2012, it has attracted nearly €6 billion in direct overseas investment, with nearly €5 billion of that attributed to investment.

Depending on the location and the type of property you choose, you can get residency with an investment as low as €250,000, all the way up to €500,000.

Almost 8,000 people have taken advantage of the program to date.

However, earlier this year, due to EU pressure and some in-country backlash from socialist leaders, Portugal proposed a change that would remove Visa eligibility from property purchases in Lisbon, Porto, and other high-density areas.

That proposal was curbed in June due to the COVID-19 crisis and the economic imperative to attract foreign investment.

Now, the Portuguese authorities have entered talks once again to decide whether to pass this legislation in early 2021.

It looks like it may happen. Meaning there’s just a short time left to take full advantage of Portugal’s Visa.

The clock is ticking on our Visa opportunity in Portugal… The clock is ticking on our Golden Visa opportunity in Portugal… But whether it happens or not, this is an unmissable time to buy in Portugal… As I explained yesterday, money has never been so cheap. In Europe interest rates are at an all-time low. On my scouting trip to Portugal, I quoted mortgage rates of between 1% and 1.5%.

In the case of bank repo properties, you can often buy with 100% financing.

I’ve covered thousands of miles, from the Algarve in the south to the northern city of Porto. I made offers on two properties, found awesome bank fire-sales, incredible “overlooked and unloved” real estate, and I’ve negotiated a RETA deal in the Algarve’s most historic town.

I also dug around for stunning bargain boltholes in the country for under $100,000. And I’ve pounded the pavement in Lisbon, looking for signs of an impending crash…and ways we can profit.

It won’t be my last scouting trip in Portugal, but it may be the last time I’m there while Portugal’s superb Golden Visa is still intact.

What are the benefits of permanent residency in Panama?

Permanent residency in Panama is easy to obtain, and requires little time on the ground to maintain. And, after five years, you become eligible to apply to become a Panamanian citizen, which comes with a strong passport.