Panama Investor Visa

The Red Carpet (Golden Visa Panama)


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Panama Investor Visa – Golden Visa Panama (The Red Carpet Visa)

Panama has its own form of what is known as a “Golden Visa Panama” (the Red Carpet Visa) which offers permanent residency to people who make an investment in Panama, including the purchase of real estate. The Red Carpet Visa (panama investor visa), introduced in 2020, is simple, easy, and provides all the benefits of residency. Best of all, you can start the application from your own country and the entire process can take as little as 30 days.

The most straightforward way to qualify for the visa is to spend a minimum of $500,000 to buy Panama real estate, although for a limited time the threshold for property may be as low as $300,000. The property can be new, existing or even in pre-construction.


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As an alternative, you can also invest $500,000 in the Panama stock market–either in a stock, bond, or other security–or you can establish a minimum $ 750,000-time deposit in a Panama bank. The government requires that the applicant must maintain the investment in Panama for a minimum of five years.

That’s it. Once you gain the permanent residency visa, you will enjoy all the rights and privileges of Panama citizens. And it will no longer be necessary to leave and re-enter the country in order to keep your current visa.

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