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Why are Branded Residences Different?

Branded properties are the hottest segment of the international property market these days. In markets worldwide, buyers are willing to pay a premium for a property associated with a company they’ve known and loved for years.

Margaritaville Beach Resort & Residences Playa Caracol

We’re certainly seeing the power of the brand with Margaritaville Beach Resort & Residences Playa Caracol, the new beachfront resort less than 90 minutes from Panama City. Buyers have been snatching up apartments, recognizing the Margaritaville brand ensures they are investing in a lifestyle, not just a home.

Several of Panama’s most successful recent projects are associated with international brands, including Yoo and Fendi. And, as we’ve reported in recent months, this phenomenon is happening worldwide. In Dubai, a Mercedes-branded tower was the hot property. In Miami, branded properties are creating more value than projects designed by celebrity “starchitects.”

Why are branded properties so popular? There are good reasons to buy a property backed by the reputation and legacy of a major company, even if that company is not normally associated with real estate.

Design. Branded properties always bring an extra layer of fashion and style to a project, reflecting the unique aspects of the brand. The brand is cool; the project is cool.

La Maison by Fendi Casa – Panama

Distinctive Amenities. Branded properties typically have elements specifically designed for their unique audience. When you’re sitting in the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar and Grill, you know you’re at a Margaritaville resort. 

Quality. A brand’s name is something of a stamp of approval. As a buyer, you know the brand is looking for quality — their name is on it.

Customer Service. Every successful brand understands the importance of customer service and developing its unique clientele. 

Value. Branded properties command a premium, but they also hold their value longer. There’s a simple reason: limited supply. There are only so many units available under any brand’s name. 

Wanders & Yoo Panama

Status. This is a tough one, but we all know it’s true. It feels good to drop the name. It means something and helps make you wake up every morning knowing you’re living someplace special.

A branded property is a “trophy purchase,” consultant Chris Graham told Robb Report. “It’s quite a badge of status.”

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