Panama Property Management

Punta Pacifica Realty Property Management service is a full-scale security and maintenance service.

When you list your property under the maintenance and management of Punta Pacifica Realty, we guarantee you excellent customer care and service for you, your apartment and your tenant! Our customer approval rate has enabled us to become the largest growing property management firm in Panama, and exclusively, Punta Pacifica.


In-depth financial assessments and reporting

Upon a thorough assessment of your investment, we will devise a financial plan to maximize the best case occupancy and rate to generate the highest level of income.

Our clientele and potential tenants, are well-paid professional expats and retirees accustomed to an affluent lifestyle. Punta Pacifica is the most sought-after area for single-dwelling individuals as well as family households.



3Securing and safeguarding your property

With a 24-hour per day property manager, we not only protect your physical property, we collect monthly rental and utility fees, deposit it into your bank account. We pay maintenance fees and utilities on your behalf. A complete and comprehensive monthly accounting statement is compiled, as well as routine apartment inspections, so that you are aware of the status and condition of your property at all times.

Punta Pacifica Realty has implemented a state-of-the-art Morse Watchman key security system. Protecting your property, its furnishings, and who has access to your apartment, are critical components of our physical security system and peace of mind for you.


Marketing your property

Punta Pacifica does not advertise you1r property, we market your property. Because our client is international, our marketing strategies are aggressive in order to reach an audience throughout the world. We expose your property and promote its features primarily through E-marketing, social networking and web based advertising, and then through the local sector.

We have loyal property owners who depend on us to provide them with qualified tenants. We continually educate our team on property management strategies as well as the ever-changing investment market.

Our best advertisement promotion is a satisfied property owner with peace of mind.