Testimonials: Dave & Bonnie Diehl

My husband and I have been searching for property overseas for a long time. We fell in love with Panama and Naos Harbor Island– and Brian Kelly and Michela Dattilo were huge factors in our final decision to purchase a condo here. Michela did an excellent job in showing us many properties that fit our profile- something that realtors do not always do- she actually listened to what we said and what criteria would make the perfect home for us. She didn’t pressure us into anything- she did an excellent job of presenting the properties and the positive aspects of each. She supplemented that with painting a realistic picture of Panama, and what it would be like to live there.

Brian did an outstanding job on many fronts. He supported what Michela had said, and went a step further in providing all the details of the property that became our final choice-and purchase. Brian too gave an excellent vision of what the condo had to offer, and the nuances of what we would/should expect to encounter when purchasing property in a foreign country. In addition, Brian is an Air BnB Super Host. He lives on the property and does an outstanding job of both managing the condo property itself, and in managing the rentals for many of the property owners- including us once we finalize the sale. We have already experienced Brian’s ‘super host’ service, as we have visited and stayed on the property several times already, to make final arrangements and ready our condo for rental. He could not be more accommodating, friendly and willing to make your stay a great experience! We are extremely pleased with our purchase-especially when we sit on our balcony on Naos and watch the ships waiting to enter the Panama Canal. We would highly recommend Brian Kelly, and Michela Dattilo if you are searching for your dream home on Naos Harbor Island in Panama!


Dave & Bonnie Diehl.
Current Owners.