Nuovo by Casa Armani

NUOVO Armani in Panama City epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury living, seamlessly blending Armani Casa’s renowned design elegance with the ultimate in residential amenities.

This exclusive project, marking Armani’s singular venture into Latin America, is situated in a prime location in Panama City, offering residents unparalleled access to sophisticated interiors, a world-class Sky Club & Lounge, and breathtaking views of the Bay of Panama, the Panama Canal, and the historic Casco Viejo.

Residents can indulge in an array of amenities including a state-of-the-art gym, sky yoga, a luxurious spa, and an open-air garden, alongside social spaces such as a poker room and sky bar.

The Plaza brings an elevated shopping experience with its chic restaurants, bars, and pool cabanas, all designed to offer a lifestyle of unmatched luxury and comfort. NUOVO Armani sets a new benchmark for refined living in the heart of one of Latin America’s most vibrant cities.

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