Property Management Powerhouse

Meet Panama’s Property Management Powerhouse

at PPR

Eddie Montes – Director of Operations

Eddie brings more than 25 years of business and property management experience to Punta Pacifica. His experience in a multitude of business ventures and employment experiences enhance his ability to provide a high level of customer service and motivate his team.

Before moving to real estate, Eddie graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime  Academy and worked as a merchant marine officer, which instilled the sense of discipline and professionalism necessary to tackle today’s challenges.

After leaving the merchant marine,  Eddie worked in a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Petroleum, Retail, Property Management, Commercial Real Estate, and Multifamily Housing. In Florida, he was responsible for 14 multi-family communities covering more than 1,500 units.

He also knows Panama well – he lived here as a teenager and graduated from Balboa Sr. High School. Eddie’s extensive ties to Panama and his expertise and professionalism are focused on making Punta Pacifica Realty’s property management team a model of efficiency and customer service. His primary task is to make sure our staff is meeting — and exceeding – your expectations.


Thrisha Brown– Customer Service Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in customer service and a family background in property management, Thrisha is well-positioned to exceed customer expectations for owners and tenants.

At PPR, Thrisha’s ideas and expertise in dealing with a wide variety of situations have lifted the department to new heights in customer satisfaction.

Her mindset is always focused on finding a way to leave all parties satisfied.  Her academic background in industrial engineering and project management is reflected in her leadership of our PM Team, ensuring customer service, quality control, and unit preparation departments meet our high standards. In everything she does, Thrisha exudes a positive attitude and willingness to get things done right, while always displaying grace and professionalism.


Liseika Ruiz – VIP Customer Service Manager

VIP property manager Liseika Ruiz works with clients on everything from maintenance to billing statements. She leads a service dedicated to streamlining the process for owners of multiple units,  ensuring that they receive the personalized attention they require.

Liseika is an architect who graduated from the University of Panama with a Master’s Degree in Decoration and a degree in Interior Design from the Escuela Madrileña de Decoración of the Universidad Europea. Looking to expand her knowledge, she also took seminars in formulation, evaluation, and infrastructure planning.

With over 15 years of work experience in the field, she has developed and constructed several well-known commercial and residential projects in the private and public sectors. On a wide variety of projects, she was responsible for multiple tasks to support the execution and delivery of the final project.

At Punta Pacifica Realty, Liseika leads by example, providing personalized service and a constant drive to help investors maximize the return on their investment.


Ruby Gao – Property Management Coordinator


Ruby Gao plays an important role in the department, managing and channeling much of the team’s information, coordinating with clients, and following up on the work of technicians and inspectors.

She has a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Latina de Panamá. Thanks to her great capacity, quick adaptation, and commitment, she has grown and developed her management skills, representing one of the company’s core values — a focus on constant growth.

Her charisma, attention, and follow-up, offer her teammates and our clients the assurance that their queries and requests will be addressed with seriousness and professionalism.

Iraida Osorio – Property Management Assistant

Iraida embraces every aspect of her role supporting PPR clients with enthusiasm and a desire to achieve excellence. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics from Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá and has worked in customer service in various industries, earning recognition for her energetic attitude, optimism, initiative, and dedication.

In April 2022 she joined Punta Pacifica Realty as a Property Management Assistant, where she is able to employ her experience in customer service, technical expertise, and passion for achievement.

Iraida’s goal is to grow personally and professionally while working to satisfy the needs of clients and the entire PPR team.


Ana Law – Office Assistant

Ana is your first point of contact in the Property Management Department. She makes sure to offer you immediate attention via telephone or in-person, in order to bring you and all our clients high-quality personalized service.

She works together with the Property Management Department to find a quick solution to any problems or situations that arise in the units.

Ana has a degree in International Hotel Business Administration from the Universidad Interamericana de Panama (UIP). She is fluent in Spanish and English and knows a little bit of Mandarin. Her greatest satisfaction is to be able to offer both customers and staff all the support they require to achieve positive results for our clients.


Iveth Yau Wong – Property Management Inspector


Iveth Yau Wong is a talented architect with extensive experience in construction inspection. Her passion for art and culture makes her a versatile and creative professional. As part of the PPR team, she brings a valuable multicultural perspective, providing dedicated and attentive service to our clients.

In her role as an inspector, Iveth stands out for conducting thorough reviews of each property in our portfolio, always ensuring high delivery standards, and recognizing the importance of human warmth in customer interactions. Her commitment to quality and her ability to assist clients from arrival to departure make her an integral part of the team.

Iveth Yau Wong is a key asset in providing the best experience for our clients!


Emyli Gil  – Property Management Supervisor

Meet Emyli Gil, an Interior Design graduate with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, specializing in finishes inspection, deliveries, and post-sale services for apartments.

Her passion for art and decoration drives her creativity, making her a dedicated professional within the company. As a property inspector at PPR, Emyli ensures that each unit is delivered in optimal conditions, striving to provide the best service for the satisfaction of all our clients.




José Luis Guzmán – Customer Service Agent


José Luis Guzmán, a Panama City native, stands out for his great performance, dedication, and efficiency within the Punta Pacifica Realty team. Among his numerous important roles, Jose inspects units to ensure they are in optimal condition, guaranteeing the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

A graduate of the Technological University of Panama, with a Bachelor of Buildings, Jose has worked in the construction and real estate sector for more than eight years, performing administration, maintenance, and customer service roles.

For PPR, he contributes his vast knowledge and excellent service and treatment towards others, both customers and suppliers. His charisma, honesty, and vast capacity have led him to be one of the key players in our Property Management department. We are proud to have him on our team!


Cathleen Goodridge –  PM Inspector

Cathleen is a creative and passionate self-starter, with more10 years of experience in the construction industry. She is a proven expert in quality inspections, finishes, and customer service.

Through her studies in interior design and other experiences, including business administration, she has been able to share her experiences and knowledge in our company, helping us all provide better service every day.

She is always focused on the search for better results, with an eye for detail-oriented and optimizing processes. It is a great privilege to have her on our team!



Juan Pinilla – PPR Field Maintenance Manager

Meet Juan Pinilla, a Civil Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the property management field. As our Maintenance Manager at Punta Pacifica Realty, he stands out with his dedication, leadership, and commitment to excellence. Juan ensures that our properties are maintained to the highest standards, guaranteeing a seamless experience for our valued clients.

Despite being with the company for a short time, his contribution has been instrumental in upholding Punta Pacifica Realty’s reputation as a leader in the real estate market.

Marisol Chanis – Cleaning Services Supervisor

Marisol Chanis stands on the PPR team for her great efficiency and responsibility in supervising and coordinating all the logistics for the cleaning team. Her greatest satisfaction is to offer you the highest level of cleanliness and to keep your apartment in perfect condition.

Marisol graduated from the Rodolfo Chiari Institute in 1989 with a degree in commerce and accounting.

She continued her education at the University of Panama, graduating with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing. Marisol has been part of the Punta Pacifica Realty team for more than 10 years.


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