Property Management Powerhouse

Meet Panama’s Property Management Powerhouse at PPR

Eddie Montes – Director of Operations

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Eddie brings more than 25 years of business and property management experience to Punta Pacifica. His experience in a multitude of business ventures and employment experiences enhance his ability to provide a high level of customer and motivate his team.. Before moving to real estate, Eddie is a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime  Academy and worked as a merchant marine officer, which instilled a sense of discipline and professionalism necessary to tackle today’s challenges. He has worked in a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Petroleum, Retail, Property Management, Commercial Real Estate, and Multifamily Housing. In his last position in Florida, he was responsible for 14 multi-family communities covering more than 1,500 units. He also knows Panama well – he lived here as a teenager and graduated from Balboa Sr. High School.

Eddie’s extensive ties to Panama and his expertise and professionalism are focused on making Punta Pacifica Realty’s team of professionals a model of efficiency and customer service. His primary task is to make sure our staff is meeting — and exceeding – your expectations.


Thrisha Brown– Customer Service Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in Customer Service and a family background in Property Management, Thrisha is well-positioned to exceed customer expectations in ownership or tenant relations. At PPR, Thrisha’s ideas and expertise in dealing with a wide variety of situations have lifted the department to new heights in customer satisfaction. Her mindset is always focused on finding a way to leave all parties satisfied. In the property management process, her academic background in Industrial Engineering and Project Management reflects in her leadership in our PM Team, ensuring customer service, quality control, and unit preparation departments meet our high standards. Thrisha exudes a positive attitude and willingness to get things done right are key traits in Customer Service, where she always displays grace and professionalism.


Iobana Bernal– Customer Service 

Iobana brings a solid background in Property Management with diverse experience managing a wide range of properties from several exclusive beachfront condos to a historical hotel in Panama.

Her previous experience as a hotel manager helped her gain a fantastic understanding of leading teams effectively to solve complex issues and working on multiple projects simultaneously.

As a professional, she is able to capitalize on her problem-solving skills to ensure positive outcomes for both her team and customers and her strong listening skills help her deliver great customer care.


Luis Fanilla – Account Assistant


Luis arrived in Punta Pacifica Realty as an Accounting Assistant and has since advanced on to become one of the leaders of the accounting and finance team.  Luis keeps all details running smoothly within the accounting cycles.  Luis continues to further advance his skills and is currently finishing his studies in Commercial Engineering at the Interamerican University of Panama.  His passion is Bookkeeping, Banking, Auditing, and Finances Administration.

Luis is tolerant, helpful, and his persistence makes him accomplish his duties appropriately on time.  His favorite hobby is to have long nights reading financial books and publications. His favorite authors are Joseph Stiglitz and Alvin Toffler.

Roberto Gomez – Finance Assistant


Roberto Gomez is a positive force in our finance department that enjoys challenges and is always looking to improve himself as a professional to benefit Customers and Coworkers.  Roberto graduated from High School in 2009 at the Instituto Nacional de Panama.  Roberto graduated as a Bilingual Tech in Communication and he is currently studying for a degree in Bilingual Executive Communication and then plans to continue with a Master degree in Human Resources.

As a professional Roberto has 4 years of experience in the customer service area. He is always surpassing customers’ expectations with Respect, Honesty, and Promptness.  As a member of the Punta Pacifica Realty team, he strives to always bring the best to the Property Management Department as a Financial Specialist and account manager

Marisol Chanis – Cleaning Services Supervisor


Marisol Chanis is an outgoing, energize, hard working Mother of 2 girls. She enjoys listening to music, traveling to the countryside and spending quality time with her family members and close friends.

Marisol Chanis graduated from Instituto Rodolfo Chiari in 1989 with a commerce and accounting title in 1989, these days she is finishing her Degree as a Business and Marketing Administrator at Universidad de Panama.  As a professional Marisol has more than 10 years of experience as a Certified Hotel and Business Maintenance Department. Marisol has been part of The Punta Pacifica Realty family, for 3 years, her position is Maintenance Supervisor.

Gustavo Rivera – Maintenance 


Gustavo Rivera is an outgoing – hard worker that enjoys playing football, soccer, and other sports.

Gustavo graduated from Institute “Angel Rubio” as an electrician in 1992, He enjoys working on construction sites as a builder and as an electrician.  As a professional Gustavo has more than 15 years of experience as a Certified Electrician. He has been with the company for 5 years doing an impeccable performance.