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 Meet Punta Pacifica Realty’s Team of

Real Estate Consultants & Professionals

With more than 50 years of real estate experience in Panama, Punta Pacifica Realty’s professional consultants have a well-deserved reputation for providing top-level customer service to our high-end residential and commercial clientele. We have closed more than $500 million in sales in Panama City and we manage the largest portfolio of rentals in the city, making us the undisputed leader in the local market.

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Duncan McGowan – President

On his first visit in 1998, Duncan was spellbound by the beauty, culture, and people of Panama.  Duncan was born in Nicaragua but grew up in different Latin American countries due to his father’s job in the mining industry.  With a biology degree from the University of Toronto, his initial interest in Panama focused on its diverse flora and fauna. However, Duncan saw the Panama real estate market starting to boom and the need for a real estate company based on modern international practices, professional ethics, and first-rate customer service.

At first, Duncan focused on developing exemplary customer relations with the high-end international clientele of the renowned Trump Ocean Club, in those days the crown jewel of Punta Pacifica. Today Ocean Reef Islands stand out as the premier Punta Pacifica property and where a great part of Punta Pacifica Realty’s focus is directed.

Duncan’s charisma, character, and style earned the trust of the exclusive investor clients and made him a winner in a competitive market. Punta Pacifica Realty is the result of his success. Punta Pacifica Realty focuses exclusively on luxury properties, the majority in Punta Pacifica, the fast-growing community of towers on the Panama waterfront. Duncan founded the company on distinct principles to ensure investors a transparent and professional experience. He also expanded the concept of an estate agency in Panama by offering a full range of services, including legal advice, mortgage services, and complete turnkey property rental management.

An instinctively organized and diplomatic leader, Duncan works to make Punta Pacifica Realty a smooth running and efficient operation, creating and maintaining systems to provide clients with impeccable quality service.

Duncan’s Panamanian wife, Ana Patricia, is also a real estate professional with her own ties to the local business community. Their roots are firmly planted in his adopted country where they are raising their families.


Jeff Barton – Managing Director

Jeff has lived and worked in Panama since relocating there in 2007 as Sales Manager for the former Trump Ocean Club development becoming a driving force for its eventual $500M sellout. Jeff has assisted hundreds of foreign buyers successfully close real estate transactions in Panama, making him one of the foremost experts on the local real estate market.

As Punta Pacifica Realty’s Managing Director, Jeff helps motivate and inspire the team, setting standards for transparency and customer service. But he also sets the tone and style for the company, with his likable, positive demeanor and understanding approach.

Jeff grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He went on to study at Washington & Lee University School of Commerce in Virginia, graduating in 2004 with a special focus on real estate.  After graduation Jeff began to study unique, sustainable real estate markets, starting with a successful 500-unit condo conversion in Miami Beach. Then Jeff turned his attention to international real estate markets, specifically promoting Panama real estate to international investors.

Despite growing up in Michigan with a passion for ice hockey, Jeff has adjusted to his new Panama home and now embraces boating, watersports, and year-round tennis. However, he finds the most joy in spending time with his wife and family, including his two Panamanian-born sons.


Eddie Montes – Director of Operations

Eddie brings more than 25 years of business and property management experience to Punta Pacifica. His experience in a multitude of business ventures and employment experiences enhance his ability to provide a high level of customer service and motivate his team.

Before moving to real estate, Eddie is a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy and worked as a merchant marine officer, which instilled a sense of discipline and professionalism necessary to tackle today’s challenges. His offshore navigational experience has paid off in his love for sport fishing and pleasure boating which are a big part of his family life. For years he was a volunteer captain for Sea Tow in Islamorada, FL.

He has worked in a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Petroleum, Retail, Property Management, Commercial Real Estate, and Multifamily Housing. In his last venture in Florida, he was responsible for 14 multi-family communities covering more than 1,500 units. He also knows Panama well – he lived here as a teenager and graduated from Balboa Sr. High School.

Eddie’s extensive ties to Panama and his expertise and professionalism are focused on making Punta Pacifica Realty’s team of professionals a model of efficiency and customer service. His primary task is to make sure our staff is meeting — and exceeding – your expectations.

Brian Kelly– Vice President of Sales

Originally from New York, but having lived in the Caribbean for nearly 10 years, Brian established himself and his family in Panama over 9 years ago. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Brian has owned his own businesses throughout his professional career, but it was not until he met and discussed his future plans with our Managing Member, Jeff Barton that Brian considered joining the PPR team albeit part-time at first. Feeling confident with the skills and professionalism Brian demonstrated, the company decided that a full-time position would benefit both parties the most, and Brian didn’t hesitate.

Brian has had his hand in much of PPR’s recent success over the years. After transitioning early on from a marketing role into sales 5 years ago, Brian became a Project Manager on several of PPR’s featured developments including Naos Harbour Island, Beach Club Residences of Ocean Reef, and most recently HYDE by Wanders & YOO.  His dedication, consistency, and honesty have helped him to create success rapidly and develop a deep clientele list that he continues to close repeat business with.  Along with his broadened knowledge of the industry and his enhanced ability to provide the best service in the game, he has made himself a leader not only in the industry but in PPR as well.

Ana Patricia Hassan – Spokesperson for PPR

Ana Patricia is the Spokesperson for Punta Pacifica Realty. She has more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in Panama and has excelled as one of PPR’s most successful sales agents.

Ana Patricia earned a degree in Social Communication from Santa María La Antigua University. As her career has progressed, she has focused on collaboration and working with people to meet shared goals. She has built strong relationships throughout the property community with her emphasis on excellent service and rapid response to the needs of her clients and colleagues.

Ana Patricia is married to an ex-pat and real estate investor, which has broadened her horizons and allowed her to anticipate the needs of her clients looking to invest or relocate in Panama. She is also the mother of triplets, which has given her the unique sensibility to understand people and anticipate their needs.

Ana Patricia is passionate about improving her skills and excelling in her chosen profession. With Ana Patricia, you can rest assured that you are working with a sincere and reliable person who will strive to help you find the property that best suits your needs.

Ana is active on social media. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook @anapat_realtor

Jennifer Champsaur – PPR Sales Manager

Jennifer Champsaur has recently joined Punta Pacifica Realty as Sales Manager. In this role, Jennifer will ensure consistent growth and develop the sales team to drive customer satisfaction and long-term objectives.

Shortly after earning a degree in Business Administration from Florida State University in 1993, Jennifer, a proud native of Panama, began her career as Sales Manager at the Panama Marriott Hotel. From there she embarked on a successful career, focused largely on the hospitality industry, and specializing in the commercial aspects of the business.

Later, she achieved international experience as the International Sales Manager of an important 5-stars hotel driving positioning in regional and global markets. She also had the opportunity to capitalize on her sales experience by driving timeshare property sales.

From 2014 to 2018 Jennifer was Deputy Minister of Tourism for Panama, working to develop the national strategy to promote it as a travel destination.

As Sales Manager of Punta Pacific Realty, Jennifer is committed to assuring exceptional customer experiences, driving sales growth, and achieving company goals.

Estefania Adames– Executive Property Advisor

Estefania is a person dedicated to maximizing the profitability of clients’ negotiations in Punta Pacifica Realty.

Her main purpose is to deliver excellent quality communication, ensuring the building of long-term relationships between PPR and all those involved. Graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts, Hospitality, and tourism. She loves to always offer the best customer service

Originally from Venezuela, she has been living in Panama since 2015, also lived for almost 2 years in Madrid, Spain.

She is in love with the tropical climate the view of the city and the sea. Her hobbies are horseback riding and painting.



                                Alejandro Silva– Market Price Analyst


Alejandro is fully dedicated to maximizing the profitability of clients’ negotiations in Punta Pacifica.  His main purpose is delivering excellent quality communication, ensuring the building of long-term relationships between PPR and all those involved, delivered with the highest customer service standards. Graduated with a degree in Industrial Relations; he is also an avid Aviator and holds a Commercial Pilot’s License.

Born in the United States but growing up in Venezuela; he has been living in Panama since 2012, also lived in Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta for many years.

He enjoys living in Panama City and the lifestyle that it offers loves to travel and has a passion for cooking.


Carmen Agredo– Listing Coordinator

Carmen Agredo was born in Panama, Graduated in Interior Design, and with 4 years of experience in the remodeling and spaces reconditioning field.

Carmen begins her career in Real Estate as the Listing Coordinator, she is the person in charge of keeping the portfolio of properties always updated, building strong relationships with clients and owners by being the first point of contact for information. Also arranging appointments for our agents.

In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors and connecting with nature.



Iary Peré – PPR Project Manager 


Iary is a certified broker with +10 years of experience in the Real Estate market in Panama City. Iary has been with the company since 2011 and today she specializes in the Luxury Residential market.

As one of the top agents in Punta Pacifica Realty, she is always learning and growing her knowledge to provide her clients with the best service and customer experience.  She enjoys nature, traveling, and going to the beach with her golden retrievers.



José Arberola – PPR Project Manager 

Before joining Punta Pacifica Realty in 2011, Jose developed his business and customer service skills with Dell, JP Morgan Chase, and Credicorp Bank. During his tenure at PPR, he led the mortgage department and managed a net portfolio of $12 million.

His market research and return on investment have helped guide rental and sales efforts in the Trump Ocean Club, Waldorf Astoria Panama, and the Hard Rock Café. In 2012, he formed his own company to market Panama property in the United States. He rejoined PPR as a sales associate in 2018, focusing his expertise and customer service on the property in central Panama City, Punta Pacifica, and Costa del Este. Jose earned a finance degree from USMA University in Panama in 1999. He earned an MBA from Florida International University in 2012.


Raúl Hassan – Project Manager 

Meet Raul Hassan, Punta Pacifica’s premier rental expert, and sales consultant. Raul, born and raised in Panama, has been in sales since he can remember. His career started at Dell computer, where he raised the ranks from sales to procurement officer and eventually project manager. His career in sales continued beyond his years at Dell as he became an independent cosmetics sales agent which then attracted him to the Real Estate industry. 

Over the past 3 years, Raul has reached the pinnacle of our sales organization by remaining at the forefront of our rental department consistently. He has earned a spot in the prestigious Mont Blanc club three times, a feat that has been unchallenged as of yet. Raul’s knowledge of the market, coupled with his professionalism and patience, makes him an unstoppable force when it comes to getting the best deal for his clients. 


Carlos de Leon – Senior Investment Advisor


Before Joining PPR, Carlos developed his sales and customer service skills in the insurance and retail industries, working with many international companies in the region.

As one of the Top producer agents in PPR, Carlos has assisted hundreds of Foreigners to successfully find their ideal property in Panama, making him a well-known expert among the multinational executives and ex-pats community.

As a result of his constant dedication and excellent attitude. Carlos has earned a spot in the prestigious Mont Blanc club on four (4) occasions in his career and especially 3 times during  2020.

Born and raised in Panamá, Carlos keeps focusing to look for self-growth, personal development as he keeps being a leader in the Sales and Rental Market of Punta Pacifica.

Eduardo Peréz –
Senior Investment Advisor

Eduardo has been in sales positions all his life, he used to work with companies such as Pernod Ricard and Diageo and also owned a catering business. 

After finishing his studies in Venezuela, and achieving a degree in International Business and another degree in Culinary Arts he moved to Panama and helped to grow several well-known restaurant businesses in Panama City. 

Was there where he met our Sales Manager Jeff Barton, who after seeing Eduardo performing and orchestrating a whole Team of salespeople and also taking care of every detail of the customer experience, he realized they must work together,

Its almost 2 Years since Eduardo joined our PPR Stars Team, and in this time he managed to become an expert in the Real Estate market in Panama City and obtain an all-time record in the rents department, after closing 18 Luxury rents in just One month. 

His professionalism, good attitude, and knowledge in the market make him your perfect GoTo Real Estate agent in Panama.


Carolina Tello – PPR Sales & Rental Specialist

Carolina, born and raised in Panama, graduated from college with a degree in Business. 

Since she was 17 years old, Carolina has worked for the luxury retail business with top brands like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co where she always exceeded her goals and objectives. During her working years, she remained a top seller in these companies. 

She has always been known for her exceptional client service in all of her previous jobs, she is very passionate about always giving her best to her clients.

Carolina is very motivated in helping her clients to look for the ideal property, with the best deal and revenue and letting them know they have a “home” and their best “go-to agent” here at Punta Pacifica Realty.

Sammy Silvera – PPR Sales & Rental Specialist

Sammy was born and raised in Panama City, and with a degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Florida State University he possesses a unique set of skills and insights. His charisma, positive attitude, and commitment to excellence have helped him develop great, long-term relationships with his clients. 

Sammy joined Punta Pacifica Realty back in April 2021 as the Sales Assistant for PPR Project Managers Jose and Iary. Together, the team had an amazing year with more than $2,150,000 in sales and a lot of satisfied clients.

During this time, he acquired all the knowledge and expertise that has helped him become one of PPR’s brightest young stars. With 10 rentals closed and a gross commission income of over $100,000 in sales in the month of January 2022, Sammy became the youngest PPR Star ever to earn a spot in the prestigious Mont Blanc club, twice in his first month as a full-time PPR Real Estate Agent. 

Aside from his passion for real estate and sales, he also has an immense passion for fitness & health, human behavior, and traveling.  His professionalism, positive energy, and knowledge of the market make him your GO TO real estate advisor. 

Johannes Muller – PPR Sales & Rental Specialist

Johannes Muller is one of our top sales agents in Punta Pacifica Realty. He is born and raised Panamanian, and graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Economics. 

Before joining the team Johannes worked for a very large and renowned logistics company in which he developed customer service and teamwork skills.

With his passion for helping others, his positive attitude, and his willingness to grow as a professional and as a person Johannes decided to take a leap and get into the Real Estate Industry and join the best team of Real Estate professionals in Panama. 

With his attitude, charm, and knowledge he will take 100% responsibility for finding the perfect property for his clients and become their GO-TO real estate agent in Panama.


William Bowen – PPR Sales & Rental Specialist

Will is a Licensed Michigan real estate agent who specializes in making a seamless transition for clients looking to relocate to Panama from abroad. Will was born and raised in Detroit, MI., and is a graduate of the University of Liggett.  

Will has proven to be a great asset for clients always putting their interests first and has been a great resource for many ex-pats making their first move to Panama. Will is always looking to go above and beyond for his clients; he takes extreme pride in ensuring each client has a hassle-free transition into their new lifestyle! 

Misha Maljevic – PPR Sales & Rental Specialist

Originally from Serbia, but having lived in South Africa since 1992, Misha moved to Panama and joined our PPR family.

Misha entered the Real Estate industry in 2007 through one of the leading and best-known companies in South Africa. Rising through the ranks and qualifying to the highest levels of the industry he opened his own Real Estate company “Verano Realty” in 2016. Misha’s company was well known and respected within the industry, their core values were based on knowledge, honesty, integrity, transparency, and dedication to success.

During these fifteen years, Misha has gained extensive knowledge of the industry and all his client’s particular needs in terms of investment and relocation. Now in Panama he is dedicated to giving his absolute best at all times in helping you find the best options in the local Real Estate Market.






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