Marbella is the heartbeat of Panama City. Home to the city’s vibrant bank and financial industries, the downtown neighborhood is at the center of everything the city offers, including some of Panama’s best restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, healthcare centers, and shopping. Many of the best parts of the city are within walking distance, including Avenida Balboa and Cinta Costera, the beautiful hiking and bicycling park along Panama Bay.

In Marbella, residents enjoy an enchanting mixture of the old and new, from classic homes and street-side vendors offering tasty empanadas to modern supermarkets and five-star restaurants offering the work of some of the top chefs in Latin America. The architecture is some of the most interesting in the city, with many stately buildings reflecting Panama’s early style. Marbella is also the home to several of the city’s most interesting modern residential projects, including The Hyde by Wanders & Yoo, which sets new standards for design and style for the city. It all comes together in Marbella, where Panama City comes alive.

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