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Experience in Playa Venao, Panama

Located in the heart of Achotines Bay, just 2 km from the beautiful Playa Venao, Panama, Vervana is a premier luxury real estate development for sale. This exclusive project, conceived on a sprawling 20-hectare site once dedicated to reforestation, effortlessly blends cutting-edge architecture with Panama’s rich, untouched landscapes, positioning itself as a leading destination for those seeking the ultimate luxury beach living and eco-tourism in Latin America.

Bringing a 5-star hotel experience to the Playa Venao area, this is a visionary project allowing owners to enjoy all the great amenities of a luxury resort, with the privacy and security of owning your own home. For those looking to rent their properties, the hotel rental program will handle every aspect of the investment. Vervana offers the flexibility of renting part-time or full-time, enjoying the benefits of a spectacular private residence and the financial potential of a built-in professional rental program.

Developed by the visionary teams at Chagres Capital and renowned Mexican hospitality company, Hamak Hotels, with 20 years in the market, Vervana showcases sustainable luxury at its finest. From its roots as a reforestation initiative to its commitment to eco-friendly operations, Vervana exemplifies how luxury living can harmonize with the environment. It’s a place where investing in real estate means enjoying a premium lifestyle and supporting the local community and culture. Art and creativity are woven into the fabric of Vervana, serving as a dynamic platform for expression and connection.

The Vervana Residences Collection

Vervana by Hamak Hotels presents a luxury selection of living spaces. The collection includes apartments and single residences. These residences offer organic elegance, architectural refinement, and seclusion.

The Luxury Residences Collection Features:

Beach Studios

Each Beach Studio at the Vervana Hotel is intricately designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty, fostering a deep, meaningful connection between guests and the enchanting Achotines Bay. These studios are the closest residences to the beach, offering unparalleled proximity to the serene shore and the vibrant beach club.


Nestled deep within nature and offering unparalleled privacy, these treehouses provide breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Designed as two-level, freestanding residences, they include two bedrooms, expansive living and dining areas, private pools, and sun decks, catering to those pursuing an elevated living experience close to nature.


Set on strategic plateaus throughout the area, this carefully selected collection features two distinct models, each thoughtfully designed to meet your aspirations for elegance, comfort, and a meaningful connection with the outdoors:

Terrace Flats:  Are located on the upper level and have large terraces with private pools and exceptional views, blending comfort with breathtaking panoramas.

Garden Flats: These are on the lower level, tailored for an extraordinary indoor-outdoor living experience, seamlessly integrating luxury with the natural surroundings. The connection with nature and private pools makes these a much sought-after option.

Three-bedroom and Four-Bedroom residences

Luxurious and single-level, these homes boast large terraces, private pools, and open kitchen layouts, capturing the spirit of sophisticated indoor-outdoor living.

Each residence in the Vervana collection is thoughtfully designed to harmonize with its lush surroundings, ensuring every moment is imbued with tranquility and beauty.

Vervana Hotel & Residences
Owner’s Benefits & Exclusive Amenities

At Vervana, owning a residence means more than just luxurious living; it’s about embracing a lifestyle enriched with tailored amenities and benefits.

This exclusive community offers:

Holistic Wellness & Leisure: Engage in wellness with our on-site spa and gym, and unwind at the very laid-back Solunna Beach Club, featuring pools, sun decks, and a beach bar, set against the serene Pacific and lush tropical backdrop.

Seamless Personalized Services: Benefit from comprehensive housekeeping and concierge services, including bespoke dining experiences with private chefs and personalized grocery shopping, ensuring your needs are effortlessly met.

Effortless Rental & Management: Take advantage of rental possibilities backed by full property management services for a worry-free investment.

Exclusive Hamak Hotels Membership: Enjoy preferred status and exclusive perks across the Hamak Hotels network, enriching your experiences both at home and abroad.

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Hamak Hotels in Playa Venao, Pedasi

The Vervana Hotel Experience in Playa Venao, Panama

Managed by Hamak Hotels, renowned for its boutique, culturally immersive accommodations, Vervana offers an unparalleled hospitality experience in Panama. Emphasizing eco-tourism, Vervana serves as a sanctuary that reflects the warmth of its Mexican management, transforming it from a mere residence into a lifestyle choice celebrating the unique charm and biodiversity of Playa Venao, Panama. Hamak Hotels specializes in creating luxurious spaces that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings, crafting boutique havens that harmonize with the environment.

Guests at Vervana can anticipate thoughtfully designed spaces that promise both inspiration and relaxation. Here, the experience is at the heart of every visit, setting a new standard for luxury. Vervana redefines luxury real estate by deeply connecting with the local environment and culture through its architecture, services, and ethos.

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