Key Security System

As Panama is best known for its abundant real estate market, an alarming concern has developed over lost and stolen keys. With so many contractors and real estate agents having access to so many properties, it has become impossible to keep track of where or who has keys to your apartment.

Punta Pacifica Realty is the only real estate property management firm in Panama that utilizes a state-of-the-art Morse Watchman security key maintenance system. Protecting your property, its furnishings, and who has access to your apartment, are the critical components of our physical security system and peace of mind for you.

No other property management company is capable of safeguarding your property as we do. A computerized key tracking system that is sophisticated and smart. The system’s comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities ensure accountability. Audit data can be analyzed, and the overall system maintains high reliability.

One more reason to make Punta Pacifica Realty your one point-of-call…your key, your property, your investment is safe.


keybank 2

(Picture of our cutting-edge key back security system)