Amador Causeway

Naos Island is part of four small islands connected by a two-lane causeway. A major infrastructure improvement project is already underway, including an expansion of the causeway with bike lanes, landscaping, and new parks. The original roadway was completed in 1913 with rocks excavated during construction of the Canal. The small archipelago was originally part of an observation point and a military outpost to guard the Panama Canal, thanks to its spectacular–and strategic–views, which are now available for you to enjoy.

In addition, there is currently 40% completion of Amador’s International Mega Convention Center which when finished will have a total capacity of 25,000 persons, that is scheduled to open in early 2019.  With 20% completion on the newly approved Home Port – Cruise Terminal on Isla Perico, this terminal will serve as Panama’s home port on the Pacific side of the country. The first pier is scheduled to open in mid-2019 and will have a capacity of 2 ships or some 6,000 passengers and crew.

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