Nestled in the heart of Playa Caracol, Surfside stands as a beacon of luxury and serenity amidst Panama’s coastal gems. Only an hour and a half drive from the pulsating rhythms of Panama City, Playa Caracol unveils a tranquil paradise where pristine beaches and majestic mountains converge.

The landscape here is a spellbinding tapestry: golden sands serenade the shimmering waves, and scenic mountain trails beckon the adventurous at heart. Every corner of Playa Caracol embodies Panama’s rich culture and timeless traditions. From the soft whisper of the ocean breeze to the harmonious melodies of local festivities, you’ll find a world teeming with tales of a cherished past and a welcoming community.

But Playa Caracol is more than a captivating locale; it’s the essence of the Surfside experience. Here, you’re not merely witnessing the magic of coastal Panama; you’re living it, breathing it, and crafting memories that will be etched in time. Dive into the Surfside way of life, and let the allure of Playa Caracol sweep you off your feet.



Discover the pinnacle of beachfront elegance at Surfside Playa Caracol. Each apartment is a testament to contemporary design and absolute comfort, seamlessly merging to redefine coastal luxury. Ranging in size from 1033 sq. ft. (96 sq. m.) to 1335 sq. ft. (124 sq. m.), Surfside apartments offer both classic designs featuring 2 or 3 bedrooms and innovative “Lock-off” layouts with dual entrances — perfect for those seeking the potential of aparthotel-style rentals without compromising privacy.

Dive into a realm where luxury, functionality, and style harmoniously coexist, making Surfside the ultimate backdrop for your dream beachfront sanctuary.



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