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A Look at Life on Ocean Reef Islands

The islands of Ocean Reef may be one of the most comfortable spots in the region to sit out the quarantine. Connected to Panama City by a narrow bridge, the growing community on the islands has been able to settle into a secure environment, taking advantage of many of Ocean Reef’s unique attributes.

In recent days, I’ve been in touch with several PPR clients living on the islands, including boaters, who have been enjoying the ability to walk to their boats docked at the Ocean Reef marina.

Although rules have changed for visiting boats, many boat owners in Panama City have benefitted from knowing their boats are in a secure location with 24-hour security at the marina.

I have about 15 clients waiting to move their boats from other marinas to Ocean Reef to become part of the Ocean Reef marina family.

Many were ready to make the move but were caught in their old marinas when the lockdown started.

 Life on Ocean Reef has offered many benefits for island residents. They can safely exercise in front of their homes during the available hours, with jogging, tennis, and basketball easily accessible.

Kids can play on scooters and enjoy open areas. Dog owners can comfortably walk their pets while enjoying life on the waterfront.

More than anything, there is a strong sense of security, clients say. The islands are gated and secured, which has helped keep residents safe and healthy.

The Ocean Reef staff is implementing all the health protocols, providing another level of safeguards for all the residents. Body temperature is checked before entering facilities.

Golf carts, the primary form of transportation on the islands, are constantly sterilized. Residents also know they can turn to the staff with any questions or concerns.

All the residents talk about the healthy environment. The access to ocean breezes and fresh air have taken on new meaning during the quarantine.


It’s been great to see the sense of community developing on the islands. In these terrible circumstances, people have been coming together in different ways. The marina has been used to help deliver supplies to the city.

In many ways, the pandemic has shown the value of Ocean Reef and what a special place it is to live.

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