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Expansion of Amador Causeway Hits New Phase

The Panama government continues to pour money into transforming the Amador Causeway into Panama City’s new social, cultural and tourist hot spot.

expansion-of-amador-causeway  The latest expansion project is set to finish in May, La Prensa reports. The new section will include nine roundabouts and four viewpoints, plus a new stretch of bike lanes, parks and a pedestrian walkway. The bike paths were added after the original plan, which acknowledges that Amador is developing as one of the world’s great biking areas, with safe paths stretching for miles along the bay and the Panama Canal.

expansion-of-amador-causewayThe government has committed more than $300 million to developing Amador, which is set take off as the next destination for international investment. It is already home to the recently opened Frank Gehry-designed Bio Diversity Museum and, after several delays, work is set to resume on the Amador Convention Center, which will be the largest in the area.

Amador’s spectacular setting is capturing the interest of investors from around the world. It provides the beauty and tranquility of an island resort, located only a 10-minute drive from the center of the city.

expansion-of-amador-causewayThe latest expansion includes wide stretches of park areas and green space, according to La Prensa. The design also includes designated spots for fishing, and will include 110 parking spaces along the stretch, which will help make Amador a prime destination for recreational activities. Plans already call for new marinas, which establish Amador as the new yacht and boating center for Panama City.


Check out the video of the expansion:

Punta Pacifica Realty is representing one of the most beautiful projects on Amador, the Naos Harbour Island Residences and Marina. Here is video of Naos Harbour Island