In the News from Panama

Panama Named ‘Most Underrated Luxury Destination’

Fodor’s, the prestigious travel publisher, has come out with a full rave review of Panama as a luxury travel destination.

The article bills Panama as “Central America’s Most Underrated Luxury” destination and then sets out to prove the point. Author Rachel Jones highlights 12 places that make Panama truly special, offering experiences that rival the great luxury spots in the world.

“Panama is the untouched luxury destination that gives you the best vacation and a few bonus ‘Insta-bragging’ points for going off the grid,” Jones writes. “For U.S. travelers looking for the most authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences—Panama is where you want to go in 2019.”

We might quibble that Panama is hardly undiscovered, but there is no doubt the article captures many of the reasons Panama is worthy of a spot among the world’s great tourist destinations.

“Panama has adventure and luxury in equal parts from the Caribbean Sea to the highlands and jungles, and across to the Pacific,” Jones concludes. And she’s got that right.

We can debate whether she has really picked the 12 best spots–no Pearl Island?!?—but there’s no arguing that she has picked some fantastic luxury locations. She identifies secluded islands and beautiful dive spots, and she suggests avoiding the backpacker scene in Bocas Del Toro, which you have to respect. The list includes several spots in Panama City, including Danilo’s Jazz Club and the American Trade Hotel in Casco Viejo.

Check out the full list here.