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Video: A Traveler’s Perspective on Panama

Travel writers tend to love Panama. Every year there is a steady stream of articles extolling the virtues of the country’s many attractions. The authors often express surprise that Panama and Panama City have more to offer than expected, including a rich history and culture that goes beyond the Panama Canal.

For example, there is this recent article (“A Visit to Panama”) from Sandra Bertrand, the chief arts critic for Highbrow magazine. For her, a trip to Panama started as a side-trip to an excursion to Colombia, but it ended up becoming a highlight.

“Spending a month in the colorful and sometimes contentious country of Colombia and not making a side trip to the Panama Canal, would be a little like opting for Las Vegas and its desert environs and skipping the Grand Canyon,” she wrote.

And then there’s this recent article on which proclaims Panama as “the luxury holiday destination of choice for those who know.” Or this article in About Travel focusing on San Blas Island, which the author describes as one of those rare “surprising and delightful and relatively untouched [destinations] that you can still find in the world.”

But this video from the travel site “A Brit and a Broad” caught our eye. The couple discover Panama in the same way as many tourists—starting off at the beach and heading into the city. And their surprise is noticeable as they explore Panama City and discover far more than what they expected.

“Walking between the high rises it’s easy to lose focus you’re in Central America at all,” says narrator Macca Sherifi. Panama City is “an incredibly unique city, one so different than others we have visited, and without a doubt one of our favorites.”

Check out the video: