In the News from Panama

Panama Taking Next Step in Reopening

The government of Panama has announced that Panama will continue the process of reopening the country, following strict parameters designed around public safety.

Starting on June 1, the reopening plan will move to the second stage, which will mean more open businesses and more relaxed stay-at-home regulations. Sectors such as construction, nonmetallic mining, and pharmaceuticals are expected to resume operations in the next few days, according to government officials. The list also includes the textile, electronics, and electricity sectors.

For citizens, the good news is curfew laws will also be relaxed. Places of worship, parks, and sporting facilities will start reopening in the next few days, although they will be restricted to 25 percent capacity. 

When analyzing the decision to ease requirements, the focus was on the low rate of infections and hospital capacity, Health Minister Rosario Turner told a press conference.

Panama has been widely praised for its handling of the pandemic, which has helped reduce the impact on the country. The actions to close the borders and impose tight restrictions will likely lead to an orderly reopening.

Meanwhile, Copa Airlines says it will resume service to 23 destinations starting on June 26, pending government approval. Air France and AirEurope also said Panama would be among their first destinations in the region to see renewed service, based on its importance as a regional hub.