In the News from Panama

Mel Gibson Hanging Out in Punta Pacifica

Social media is abuzz with news that famed actor Mel Gibson is spending time in Panama City. The director of “Braveheart” and “Hacksaw Ridge” is staying at the Trump Ocean Club, and he’s been spotted in the gym and around the facility, sparking a wave of Instagram and Facebook posts.

While celebrities are not unusual in Panama City, they often fly under the radar. Gibson doesn’t seem to be hiding. He was spotted walking on Avenida Balboa in shorts and polo shirt and has been granting interviews.

Gibson is a frequent visitor to Panama, Telemetro notes, but this visit seems to be generating more attention than normal. It’s not absolutely clear why the actor is in Panama. Local articles cite posts by Dan Bilzerian, described by Wikipedia as “an American socialite, professional poker player, and trust fund beneficiary,” who posted on Instagram that Gibson is in Panama to get his father stem cell therapy.

Gibson reportedly owns property in Pedasi, where Mick Jagger also bought a home, according to news reports. In many ways, Panama is becoming a celebrity haven. This month “Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island” is filming in the Las Perlas islands.