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18 Tips for Traveling to Panama

World renown travel guide Lonely Planet has issued a new set of 18 recommendations for visiting Panama, which capture many of the elements that make the country so special.

“Idyllic islands, rolling surf, untamed nature, and showstopping wildlife all help make Panama an irresistible destination,” author Sarah Gilbert writes.

While some of the recommendations are somewhat generic, others display real insight into Panama. For example, one tip: “Plan ahead if you want to party. Panamanians love to party, and barely a week goes by without a fiesta.”

Gilbert also notes that “Panama is one of the safest countries in Central America,” and she reminds people that there is a different rhythm of life here. “Panama moves at a relaxed pace, including the cities, so don’t expect lightning-fast responses to requests,” she writes.

The article also shares plenty of basic information about traveling in Panama, from etiquette to language, which makes it a good piece to share with any of your friends visiting Panama for the first time.  

Read the full list here.