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Billionaire Building Ultimate Eco-Resort in Panama

By Eddie Montes 

A reclusive hedge fund billionaire with a passion for green causes is putting the finishing touches on an exclusive resort in western Panama.

Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge will have only four casitas and accommodate no more than 18 guests at a time, according to early reports. Described as an example of “sustainable, off-the-grid luxury,” the resort is located on the island of Isla Cavada, one of 14 islands in the Islas Secas archipelago.

The $1,000-per-person-a-night rate will include private marine safaris, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing private beach picnics, according to media reports. “Guests will experience a true passion for the enjoyment and conservation of the habitat, a deep appreciation and respect for the local culture and its history, and experiences that provide fulfillment on a multitude of levels,” according to the resort’s Web site

The developer is Louis Bacon, a hedge fund manager described as a “billionaire conservationist” by Travel Weekly. Bacon is the founder of Moore Capital Management and has “spent more than two decades supporting efforts to protect natural resources in the United States and abroad,” according to his bio.

Bacon’s Belvedere Property Management has helped develop New Mexico’s Taos Ski Valley, Trinchera Ranch in Colorado and Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska, according to Travel Weekly.

Bacon has certainly picked a picturesque spot for this resort. It is located near the Coiba National Park, a 430,000-acre marine reserve off the Pacific coast, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The resort is expected to open next January.

Image Courtesy: Isla Secas Website