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Video: Explaining the Panama Canal Expansion

The $5.5 billion expansion of the Panama Canal is generating international headlines focused on its impact on trade and the global economy. The expansion represents a major step forward for Panama City, drawing investment and multinational corporations from around the globe.

Yet, on another level, it’s simply a spectacular feat of engineering, one of the true wonders of the world. We’ve heard so much about the construction and the economics and the numbers, it’s easy to forget that the Canal is an amazing, complex apparatus. A thousand different moving parts all come together to take these massive ships from one ocean to another.

A new video from the Panama Canal Authority offers a detailed explanation of how the new Canal will function, highlighting all the elements that will make it work. “The Panama Canal: A New Experience” shows in vivid detail what it takes to safely move the mega neo-Panamax ships through the giant locks. The video even offers an imaginary trip through the Canal, illustrating the process step-by-step.


Watch the video:


And here is the latest update from the Panama Canal Authority: