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CNN Picks Panama as 2024 ‘Best Place to Visit’

CNN Travel has chosen its top destinations of the year, and — no surprise — Panama is prominently featured.

This wasn’t the typical list of random destinations. CNN was specifically looking at “places that are still largely undiscovered, or alluring in the offseason, or frequently overlooked for their larger first cities or neighbors.” CNN wanted to single out places that don’t get all the attention, but offer more than a pretty beach.

“Maybe it’s time to head to places that are making it easier for tourists to visit and those that pay close attention to encouraging tourism that’s sustainable,” the travel staff wrote.

CNN narrowed the list to 24 destinations where travelers can get off the beaten path to explore a wide range of experiences. 

“It may be most famous for the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal, but this Central American country is so much more than a transit destination,” Tamara Hardingham-Gill wrote. “Not only does Panama have a vibrant capital city with a historic old quarter that’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, but the country also holds over a dozen national parks, including Parque Nacional Volcán Barú, the highest point in Panama.”

Panama City is also the only world capital with a tropical rainforest within its city limits, the author notes. She also spotlighted a digital portal called SOSTUR Network, which connects travelers with rural communities and tourism businesses, promoting community-based tourist adventures.

You can find the full list here