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Citi Spotlights Panama City as ‘Progress Maker’

Global financial giant features the creation of the Panama Metro in a new TV commercial, which shows Panama City as progressive, modern capital.

Citi helped finance the development of the Metro, which opened last year, attracting international attention. Development of the second phase is moving at a rapid pace.

The Citi commercial spotlights the president of the Panama Metro, Roberto Roy. For an international audience, Roy explains the unexpected success of the metro. The government originally had a “modest forecast” for the metro, expecting around 100,000 passengers a day. Instead the metro is getting closer to 200,000, Roy says.

Panama City looks beautiful and bustling in the commercial, which captures the city’s modern energy. More than 5,000 cars are being sold every month in the fast-growing city, the commercial notes. But the metro is portrayed an example of a progressive approach, the city working with a major international financier to address the issues.

“It has been one of the most rewarding experiences to hear people saying the metro has really changed my life,” Roy says.

Citi defines progress makers as people who are “going to make the world a little better. They just need someone to believe in them.” Backers of affordable housing in the U.S. and healthcare in Mexico are among the other progress makers.

The Citi ad has been airing on CNN and other news channels in the U.S. see it here below by clicking on the link!