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Construction Starts on Lush Ritz Carlton Reserve on Pearl Island

Construction has officially started on the Ritz Carlton Reserve on Pearl Island, which will battle for the crown of the most luxurious resort in the region.

This development will be unique. Accessible by plane in 20 minutes or by fast ferry in one hour and change, it will be the fifth property in the world to carry the Ritz Carlton Reserve brand, setting a new standard for the pinnacle of experience-based luxury hotels in Panama.

The Ritz Carlton Reserve is located on Playa Don Bernardo and Playa Mague, two of the most spectacular beaches on Pearl Island.

The 3,500-acre private is the third largest island in the “Archipelago of Las Perlas,” which is home to 150 species of birds, 15 species of coral and 16 species of mammals, sea turtles and whales that visit the island. Seventy percent of the island has been set aside as a private nature reserve.


The first phase of the construction will focus on the 20-hectare hotel property, including the 86 rooms in 28 villas. The hotel will include a lavish spa, private beach club, swimming pools, restaurants, a 1,800-square-foot pavilion and access to a world-class marina.

The next phase will bring exclusive real estate, including home sites and branded villas and condos.


Reserve properties are different from other Ritz developments, “showcasing the natural beauty of their location, with deeply immersive experiences of local culture and traditions,” according to company materials. At the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, “travelers will foster a unique connection with the destination through personalized service and heartfelt, genuine care.”


The Ritz Carlton Reserve will be designed to flow into the natural landscape, setting the project in the lush surroundings.


In a statement last year, the developer, said, “We have conceived this project to keep the majestic natural beauty that exists on the island, so for us, it is paramount to be able to protect the environment.”


We’ll be closely monitoring the progress of the Ritz and watching for opportunities in the real estate portfolio. This is truly one-of-a-kind property, and we don’t want our clients to miss out.  


On May, we wrote about our tour of the island. It can be found here.