In the News from Panama

Copa Announces New ‘Dreams’ Business Class

Flying to Panama may be getting a lot more comfortable. Copa Airlines is testing out new classes for long-haul flights, including a “Dreams Business Class” that will offer lie-flat seats and an array of cushy amenities.

The new classes will be initially available only on flights between Panama and four destinations: Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina,) Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Los Angeles (United States). But Copa says it expects to add the services to more destinations as it receives new aircraft.

The Dreams Business Class will include 16 of the reclining lie-flat seats, 16-inch remote-controlled touchscreens, an extensive entertainment program, AC and USB power connectors, and space to store personal items, the airline announced.

The same flights will also offer an “Economy Extra” section, located at the front of the cabin, “consisting of 24 seats with more legroom, individual 10-inch touchscreens with USB port and AC power connectors.”

Copa’s continued expansion will play a big role in the economy and the future of Panama real estate. The ease and comfort of flying to Panama from all over the world make it an easy destination for second homeowners and retirees, in addition to business owners. As Tocumen International continues to expand as the Hub of the Americas, Copa is continuing to add more flights and more amenities.    

In announcing the new classes, Copa said it wants to provide a superior experience “based on two fundamental elements that elevate its recognized world-class service: comfort and convenience.” The airline is specifically targeting “passengers’ needs on these important long-haul routes that require a more comfortable experience.”