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Gone! Seascape ‘Unicorn’ Unit Sells Quickly

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Last month we told you about a rare, one-of-a-kind opportunity–a 1-bedroom apartment in Seascape, the new wellness-focused waterfront resort on Ocean Reef. We called the apartment a “unicorn,” since it was the only 1-bedroom apartment currently available on Ocean Reef and we didn’t expect it to last very long.

Sure enough, it’s sold.

The buyer was one of our existing clients, who recognized the unique chance to own a special property on Ocean Reef, the islands in Panama Bay, minutes from downtown Panama City. He knew it was a great deal in Seascape, a waterfront development that is moving the needle for luxury living in Panama.

Even though you missed the 1 bedroom opportunity, you still have a chance to be involved in this revolutionary wellness development. We still have access to great deals in Seascape, which takes advantage of all the fantastic attributes of Ocean Reef, which will include Panama City’s largest and most luxurious yacht club.

Buyers are taking notice that there is no other offering like this in Panama. And now maybe you’ll know we’re not kidding when we say we don’t expect the units available at phase one pricing to last very long.

At this point, 50 percent of the 3 bedroom apartments available in phase 1 have already been reserved. The two bedrooms are selling fast with three sold in the past few weeks. Only two of the 2-bedrooms remain in the $700,000s, which is a price range that won’t be found on Ocean Reef for much longer.

We can tell; investors get it. We don’t have to explain the dynamics. There is not much supply in Seascape or Ocean Reef and demand continues to grow, as more people experience the beauty of the islands and the very special Seascape design.

What makes Seascape such a hot development? There has never been a development in Panama like it, packed with so many amenities focused on health and well-being. The list includes:

It really is a special project and investors can see the difference. We are still in the first phase of sales and we don’t expect these price levels to last much longer. Investors know the value of unicorns.

Click here for details on the remaining inventory and pricing.