In the News from Panama

Hurricane Season Begins, Except in Panama

Jeff Barton

Big storms are starting to move through the Caribbean, as we launch into hurricane season. Every year, the storms seem to be getting larger and more frequent, spreading devastation around the region.

In Panama, the beginning of hurricane season is a reminder of how lucky we are here. Hurricanes are absolutely not a problem in Panama. You can look at the storm patterns for the past 100 years and see how the storms in both the Caribbean and Pacific roll past Panama.

Panama’s fortune is simply a product of geography and the science of storms. Panama’s east-west layout means storms usually swirl to the north or south, without actually touching Panama. We get our share of rain, but none of the brutal impact of high-winds or storm surge.

In many ways, we’re fortunate, especially when you look at destruction and pain caused by the storms. But the lack of hurricanes is also an important variable for anyone considering an investment in Panama. It eliminates a huge unknown into the financial risk equation. If you buy in a hurricane zone, the risk is always there. In Panama, it is simply something you don’t have to worry about.

For investors, everything is about risk—or, more accurately, eliminating risk. We always talk about Panama’s stability and economic growth, two huge variables that help diminish. The absence of hurricanes is one more factor that can be thrown into the mix, helping Panama investors rest easy as the hurricane season begins.