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Hyde by Wanders & Yoo Celebrates the Spirit of Carnival

Panama will explode into parades of light and color in the next few days, as the excitement of Carnival grips the country. More than simply a parade, Carnival represents a spirit of excitement and fun and energy that overtakes the community.

More than anything, Carnival is a time to celebrate and everyone involved with the Hyde by Wanders & Yoo feels a very special connection to the event.

That spirit of Carnival plays an important role in the Hyde, the groundbreaking development under construction in downtown Panama City. All the color and energy of Carnival were reportedly important influences on Marcel Wanders’ unique designs for the towers, providing the palette and concepts for many of the spaces.

The ideas of Carnival can be found throughout the design. In every corner, you can see the splashes of color and the distinctive Latin American flair.

Beyond the style, Hyde is meant to represent that festive lifestyle, the joy that shines through the Carnival season.

Hyde also seeks to make a direct connection with nature, which is a concept at the heart of Carnival.

The two towers are named Air and Earth and the design takes every opportunity to link residents with the beauty of nature and the Panama environment.
Hyde will be a very special urban oasis with a personality reflecting the essence and energy of Carnival. It is a unique relationship for a very unique development.

The designers of the Hyde have made the extra effort to link with the character of Panama, to make it more than simply another residential tower.