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Panama City Makes Top Travel List

Once again, Panama has been recognized as one of the top travel destinations in the world. This time, it’s the online site Mic, which has included Panama City in its list of “Best Places to Travel in 2019.”

Panama City, the “birthplace of the New World,” will be celebrating its 500th birthday in 2019, writer Hannah Lott-Schwartz notes. But that is only a small part of why it is a good time to visit the city, she writes.

“The abundance of chic boutique hotels… makes it an ideal basecamp for a long weekend dotted with lazy brunches and cafe (or bar) crawls,” she explains, citing the cool factor of Casco Viejo, which often attracts travel writers. She also suggests travelers “peel yourself away to uncover Panama City’s wild side.”  

The writer details many of Panama City’s best-known attractions, but singles out the Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseum on the Amador Causeway as a “hidden gem.” “The inside is just as vibrant as the architecture, taking a creative approach to illustrating Panama’s contributions to biodiversity,” Lott-Schwartz writes.

This type of publicity is always good for the city, especially Panama works to grow its prominence as an international destination. It’s easy to forget that Panama is still relatively unknown in many parts of the world.

Panama is one of 27 destinations featured by Mic, which asked writers to share the spots, “they were most excited about.”

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