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Panama Named Top Spot for Real Estate Investment

More and more international property experts are recognizing the investment potential in Panama. Many global markets are still depressed or facing a variety of headwinds, while Panama offers investors a variety of re-assuring attributes.

The latest praise for the benefits of Panama real estate comes in a Forbes magazine article focused on international markets. When the New York-based property team of Greg Todora and Justin Petraglia were asked to identify the markets with the best property opportunities, they pointed to Panama and Portugal.

“Panama is especially suited for American buyers looking to hedge their real estate investments for the relatively risk-free exchange rates, diversified buying pool of global investors and increasing opportunities raised by the Panama Canal,” the duo told Forbes.

All those observations are right on the money, and they illustrate Panama’s unique place in the global real estate market. Investors are looking for markets that offer security, yield and growth, which is hard to find in any financial market these days.

The two agents—whose “primary focus is to help identify and vet unique opportunities within real estate markets down to the granular level,” according to their Websiteclearly identify key attributes Panama offers investors. As a safe haven, Panama real estate can operate as a “hedge,” aided by “relatively risk-free exchange rates,” and the growing economy. In a complicated global market, Panama property checks all the boxes for savvy investors.