In the News from Panama

PPR Team Members Excel in the First Quarter

The first quarter of 2021 was a record-breaker for Punta Pacifica Realty, thanks to the outstanding performance of several key members of the PPR team.

As Panama started to emerge from the pandemic, PPR saw a surge in sales and rentals, as clients rushed to take advantage of the low prices before the market returns to normal. PPR sales associates made a record six sales of more than $1 million in the first quarter, with buyers primarily looking for penthouses and private pools. In rentals, buildings with resort-style amenities, such as the Ocean Club (Former Trump Tower)  and the Yoo Panama, saw steady activity, thanks to PPR’s award-winning rentals team.

PPR’s focus on outstanding customer service and new technology, and our long-standing relationships in Panama City, have continued to pay dividends during the slowdown. But several members of our team excelled in the quarter going beyond the expected to produce really amazing results for our clients.


  • Project Manager Brian Kelly earned a limited edition Montblanc pen for helping sign over $2.5m of sales in the single month of January. But as if that wasn’t enough, Brian did it again in March, posting sales of more than $2.5 million in a single month.

  • Not to be outdone, prolific agent Raul Hassan earned a team record 5th Montblanc award in March with 12 rentals in March, easily surpassing the 10 rentals needed to qualify.

  • Project Manager Iary Pere and Jose Arberola worked together to close the highest-priced sale of the quarter, a villa on Ocean Reef islands priced at $2.357 million.

  • Carlos De Leon earned membership to PPR’s Elite Ambassador’s Club by helping to successfully complete 15 rentals. As a reward, Carlos earned two round trip international flights.

  • Kateleen Brindley helped to finalize the highest-priced rental of the quarter, a three-story penthouse with a private pool in Punta Pacifica, which rented for nearly $10,000 a month.

  • Sales associate Eduardo Perez posted a personal best in April, signing four sales agreements at the Ocean Club after posting two sales in the same building in March.

Congratulations to everyone for their spectacular performance. We’ve all grown closer during the pandemic and it’s tremendous to watch these professionals working at the top of their game.

The success of the team provides inspiration and motivation for everyone. We’ve already seen the impact in the first quarter.

Interested in joining this amazing team? PPR is hiring more sales agents to keep up with all the activity. Send your resume to our Sales Manager, Jennifer Champsaur: