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PPR Visits Peru to Promote Panama Real Estate

Punta Pacifica Realty (PPR) senior managers recently joined a group of government officials for a trip to Peru to share the benefits of investing in the Hub of the Americas.

For four days, PPR associate  Iary Pere and I were in Peru with representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Mici) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture of Panama (CCYIAP). The trip was organized to promote the value of Panama and make new connections and I think it was a big success.

We were able to meet with several prospective clients in Lima who were eager to learn more about what Panama offers. In many meetings, we were able to share the benefits of Panama real estate, with an audience actively looking for opportunities.

We found Peruvian investors were exploring property in Panama as a way to diversify their portfolios and increase opportunities for growth. Others were simply considering a second home and responded to the beauty and easy access to Panama.

Many of the South American markets have been on a roller coaster in recent years, prompting Peru businesses and financiers to look for a market that offers more stability with a clear path for growth.

We found that certain benefits were resonating strongly with the Peru audience.  

Migration benefits: Panama offers one of the easiest paths to a second residency visa in the world, which was very appealing to the audiences in Peru. A residency visa allows the visitor to legally stay in Panama for as long as they want, with basically all the rights of a Panamanian. 

Tax benefits: Panama’s “territorial tax system” exempts all income earned outside Panama. This zero-taxation policy of foreign income applies to resident individuals residing in Panama as well as Panamanian companies. This is ideal for anyone with an online business or who provides services outside of Panama.

Free trade zones: Panama offers companies a wide variety of tax, labor, and migratory incentives. The free trade zones, positioned in the Hub of the Americas, are ideal for any company with global aspirations.

The Panama story: Panama checks all the boxes: great location, nice weather, political and economic stability, outstanding connectivity. We found ourselves going over many of our basic attributes, recognizing that it is such a compelling story to people unfamiliar with Panama. In total, there are 87 airports around the world that have direct flights to Panama City, spread around 86 cities in 37 countries. That’s not to mention the incredible food and the wonderful people.

In my opinion, no other country offers as much as Panama, and it’s always a pleasure to share that story.

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