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PPR’s Jeff Barton Talks Panama Property on Miami Podcast

Listen to the podcast here:

PPR Managing Director Jeff Barton was a guest this week on the Condo Vultures podcast, hosted by well-known South Florida analyst and investor consultant Peter Zalewski.

In a wide ranging discussion, Jeff shared stories of his early days in real estate and the growth of the Panama property market. Jeff has been part of Panama City for 13 years and shared his insights into the ups and downs of the market over the years.

Anybody interested in learning more about the nuances and opportunities of the Panama market and the connections with Miami will be fascinated by Jeff’s discussion with Zalewski, who has visited Panama and was already aware of the growth story. Both discussed their experiences with investors in Miami and Panama City, and the relationship between the two markets.

There are many connections between Miami and Panama City, where the residential skyscrapers are often compared to Brickell and Miami Beach. Panama’s market typically surges when Miami grows more expensive. Many of the investors in Panama City shifted from Miami after they grew tired of the boom and bust cycles and overheated prices of South Florida.

Zalewski is one of the most respected voices in South Florida real estate. A former journalist, he is a frequent speaker at industry events and analyst for media coverage, known for his detailed market reports and the latest data on sales and pricing.

Zalewski focuses on investor activity, which made Jeff a perfect fit for his in-depth podcast. The discussion touched on financing, the latest trends, and many of the unique opportunities available in Panama City.