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Time to Enjoy Panama City’s Birthday Party

Panama City is celebrating its birthday this summer and it’s a big one. The city is turning 500 and a wide variety of events are scheduled, commemorating the city’s rich culture and history.

The city can trace its roots to 1519, making it one of the oldest European outposts on the Pacific coast. As the region developed, the city became a key stop for trade routes, much like it is today. One of the lowlights came in 1671 when pirate Henry Morgan ransacked the city.

The anniversary activities actually have been going on for a couple of years, but the schedule is really ramping up this summer. The official “big day” is Aug. 15, when the city’s birthday will be celebrated in grand style, including a parade, concerts and many parties. That will be the don’t-miss birthday party.

But the Aug. 15 events are only part of a long list of activities planned for the summer, including music, museum shows, films, cultural retrospectives and programs devoted to the history of the city. The government has used the birthday celebration as a motivation to accomplishing a wide variety of social and cultural goals.

More information about the celebrations can be found here.