In the News from Panama

Tocumen Officially Opens Terminal 2

After years of anticipation, Tocumen International Airport has officially opened Terminal 2, which has the capability of serving more than 10 million additional passengers annually.

This is great news for Panama travelers and should dramatically improve the passenger experience at Tocumen. To start, Copa Airlines is expected to operate more than 280 daily flights and handle more than 6,500 passengers a day.

Designed by Foster + Partners, the new terminal has 20 boarding gates and 8 remote gates, some of them capable of accommodating the Airbus A380, as well as a new baggage handling system and expanded customs and migration areas. There are more than 150 retail spaces and 50 food court spaces in the 12,900 square meters. A 172-meter passageway connects terminal 2 and terminal 1.

Terminal 2 “has the logistical efficiency and security to continue strengthening Panama’s competitiveness with a world-class airport infrastructure,” Tocumen general manager Raffoul Arab said at the grand opening.

Tocumen is the “Hub of the Americas” and it provides an important link to the rest of the world. For people who live and work in Panama and travel overseas, the prospect of more frequent flights and easier connections is an important part of the advantage Panama offers over other destinations.

With the addition of the new terminal, Tocumen now has 54 boarding gates and 12 remote aircraft parking positions. Overall, both terminals will be able to move up to 12,000 bags per hour using a baggage handling system “with state-of-the-art security equipment that can detect whether baggage contains prohibited products or objects that could be dangerous.”