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Video: New Update on Ocean Reef Developments

We have stunning new video of the progress of developments on the Ocean Reef Islands, the man-made islands in the heart of Panama City.

The drone video, produced by island developer Grupo Los Pueblos, presents a spectacular aerial review of the community developing on the islands, which will be anchored by Panama City’s largest yacht club. It also pinpoints the progress of each development on Ocean Reef’s second island, including the Beach Club Residences (BCR), the first condominium project on the islands, offering great investments with smaller units.

PPR is the exclusive broker on BCR and we’ve been offering pre-construction pricing on the 3rd and final phase of the development at levels that will likely never be seen again on Ocean Reef. (One of the buyers is PPR President Duncan McGowan) It’s been amazing to see the reaction of prospective buyers as they explore Ocean Reef for the first time.

This drone video captures the remarkable beauty of the islands, as well as presenting vivid evidence of the activity on the island. In total, there are eight projects under construction, and more than 60 percent of the units have been sold, according to the video. 

But once you’ve taken note of the progress on the developments, please take a step back and admire the beauty of the location. The drone really captures the essence of the islands, making it easy to see not only what is built now, but also how the islands will look when the construction is completed.

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