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Why is Panama Popular With Digital Nomads?

Digital Nomads continue to rave about Panama. It seems like every time someone writes about digital nomads, Panama pops up as one of the best destinations in the world for those willing and able to work remotely.

Nomads Embassy recently listed the “13 Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Central America,” including Panama City and Playa Venao, Panama, “a laid-back beach destination that’s one of the best cities for digital nomads in Central America looking to slow down and enjoy a tropical lifestyle.” The article noted several favorable attributes of Panama City, including “a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene, with a range of museums, galleries, and performance spaces to explore.”

The Nomads Embassy article prompted write Marci Rivera to write her own article for Travel Off Path entitled “Six Reasons Why Panama is Perfect for Digital Nomads.” That’s an easy topic for an article, and the only question is, why did she limit herself to six? That said, she found six great reasons.

Here’s her list:

Diverse Locations

This is an excellent point. Panama offers a wide range of locales, with easy access. “Looking for a booming metropolis rising out of the Pacific Ocean, a chill beach town with a Caribbean vibe, a tropical island paradise, a stilted house above a water town, or a coffee-loving mountain hideout?” she writes.


Nothing is more important for a digital nomad. “Panama has the strongest and most stable economy in all of Central America, which results in many modern conveniences that digital nomads come to expect in daily life. One of these factors is the Internet,” Rivera writes

Digital Nomad Visa

This is the big one and the reason we’re seeing a surge in activity. Panama’s Short-Term Remote Worker visa allows a digital nomad to live and work in the country for up to 9 months, with the option to renew for a second 9 months with no need to leave. 

  Location, Location, Location 

It’s always the case. “Panama is the hub of the Americas, and its strategic location has proved to be very beneficial for it in many ways. Being the most narrow piece of land between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the highly coveted spot has always been important in trade, and the development of the Panama Canal has only multiplied that,” Rivera writes.

Health & Safety

“The reality is that Panama offers a first-class healthcare system with a large number of English-speaking doctors. The access to high-quality healthcare here, at a fraction of the price it would cost in the states, is a huge draw with digital nomads, ex-pats, and retirees.”

English Friendly

We often take for granted how easy it is to adjust to the language and culture in Panama. But that is because there are so many long-standing ties between the U.S. and Panama. “While they might not be an English-proficient county on paper, Panama can be considered a very English-friendly country for many reasons,” Rivera writes. “Not only have they been living among English speakers since the building of the Panama Canal, but also because the county it’s trying to reinforce its status as an international business hub.”