In the News from Panama

Panama Officially Drops Travel Restrictions

Big news for anyone planning a trip to Panama. The government has officially dropped all COVID travel restrictions, a significant step as we return to post-pandemic normalcy.

No longer will travelers entering Panama need to show a negative COVID test, vaccine status, or potential quarantine. The decision to drop the requirements was based on the latest COVID data, vaccination rates, and similar moves by many countries in the region, including the U.S.

In many ways, Panama has been fully open for business for a while, as evidenced by Punta Pacifica Realty’s record rentals in the first half of the year and consistent sales growth. But removing the restrictions will simply make it easier for clients and buyers to visit the country without the hassles and uncertainty of COVID requirements.

Tocumen International recently reported that more than 10 million travelers passed through the airport in the three quarters of the year, a remarkable number considering the turmoil around the year. The general manager of Tocumen SA, Raffoul Arab, told reporters the recovery of international air transport is “a fact,” and that 2022 totals are expected to reach pre-pandemic levels.

The air traffic also directly correlates with economic reports that predict Panama will lead the regional recovery, with growth as high as 7% in the next year. Within Panama, the government lifted the indoor mask mandate in July, which was a big leap forward for the business community.