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What is the Hottest Amenity in the Market?

In Panama City’s diverse real estate market, we know certain buyers will gravitate toward projects with a beautiful pool. Others may prefer tennis courts, or maybe a good barbecue area. 

Tastes shift, but these days we’re noticing one amenity stands out as more popular than the rest. In fact, when this amenity is in place, you can see the enthusiasm from buyers, and it’s made several of our projects very popular.

What is this magical amenity? Choice.

Wanders & Yoo in Marbella, Panama.

People want choices. They want a variety of amenities, not just one or two. They don’t want to be locked in.

Working with our buyers and renters, we hear it all the time. They like the idea of options. They want to be able to program their own lifestyle. And they know their family and friends have different interests. One or two amenities don’t move the needle, it’s the menu of choices.

La Maison by Fendi Casa in Santa Maria Golf & Country Club

For our investor clients, this is particularly relevant. Amenity-rich projects consistently produce better return-on-investment and tenant satisfaction. 

A classic example of the value of choice is the Oceana Residences and Skyhomes in the Santa Maria Golf and Country Club. Oceana offers residents an amazing amount of options to help support their personal goals. From rooftop pickleball courts to a show kitchen and wine lockers, the variety of amenities makes the Oceana an ideal home for active or cultural lifestyles.

Ocean House Amenities in Santa Maria – Member of the O Series Collection

The Oceana is all about choice. Setting up a remote business? Co-working spaces are available. Want to work on your inner peace? Enjoy the wellness center. Looking for help with a growing family? There is an indoor kid’s club and a pet’s area.

Grupo Los Pueblos, the Oceana developers, are the experts at the amenity game. They have a real knack for choosing the right mix for the right property. In the case of Oceana, they matched the amenities with an interesting mix of apartment sixes that include some of the best price points in Panama City.

Ready to invest in choice? Give us a call and we can discuss our exclusive deals.