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A ‘Design Lover’ Reviews Panama Architecture

A writer for Architectural Digest, the prestigious design magazine, dives into Panama City design in a new article, which celebrates the great architecture and design in the city.

Panama City is a “blossoming cultural hub,” writes Stefanie Waldek, offering everything “from a Frank Gehry–designed museum to highly lauded restaurants and luxury hotels.”

Waldek spotlights a wide variety of the city’s well-known attractions, such as the Gehry-designed Biomuseo and the old district of Casco Viejo. But she also notes many of the city’s lesser-known cultural attractions, including the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo and the DiabloRosso art gallery, which spotlights the work of young Panamanian artists.

Unfortunately, the article is too short and barely scratches the surface of the city’s rich architectural style, which contrasts the traditional Spanish style with the latest in contemporary design. Towers around the city show off new ideas in architecture, with more in the pipeline, including the much-anticipated Hyde by Wanders & Yoo, which will bring a new level of international design to downtown Panama.

The article, which is more of a travel piece, notes there is an “abundance of places to shop, eat, and drink in this capital city,” but doesn’t dive into the artists and designers that are flocking to Panama City, and making the city the most hip and diverse capital in the region.

But it’s still fun to see a writer discover and appreciate different elements of Panama City.

Read the full article here.