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A Quick Trip to Explore the Beauty of Pearl Islands

A few weeks ago we were showing one of our clients the property opportunities in Panama City when Pearl Islands came up. He was unfamiliar with the islands, one of the most beautiful spots in Panama, about 30 miles off the coast.

When we showed him pictures of the islands and Ritz Carltons plans to build one of its elite Reserve properties on Pearl — only the fifth Ritz Carlton Reserve brand resort in the world — he immediately wanted to visit. We’ve seen this reaction before — people can’t believe these beautiful untouched islands are so close to Panama City.

The client was particularly excited to learn that there are homes available for rent on Pearl, which meant he might be able to stake out his own spot in the Pacific for a weekend getaway on his next trip.

However, there were problems. He was on a tight schedule and the next day was his last in Panama. And he already had an appointment scheduled for noon the next day.

But that wasn’t an issue for Pearl, which is accessible by an hour-long ferry ride or a quick 20 minutes by plane from Panama City. Considering the time constraints, a plane was the best option and the project director for Pearl, Jose,  organized everything in a few minutes.

We met that morning at a local airport, where a Kodiak was waiting in a private hangar. Health procedures were observed and we were ready to go.

The flight over Panama City alone was worth the trip. We were able to enjoy beautiful morning views of the skyscrapers, Ocean Reef Islands, and Panama before heading west. Twenty minutes later, in a blink of an eye, we were over the Pearl Islands, which is actually an archipelago with more than 200 islands, most of them uninhabited.

The views were amazing. Jose asked the pilot to fly around the island so we could appreciate the spectacular views: turquoise waters, the private beaches (Pearl Island has 14 private beaches), golden sand, the beach club amid the palm trees, the world-class marina.


When we landed on the world-class airstrip, we were picked up by bus by one of the Pearl Island staff. From the airport to the Pearl Island beach club, it was a 10-minute ride through the lush landscape. On the drive, Jose filled us in on some of the details that make Pearl a one-of-a-kind luxury island retreat.

“People are used to seeing this type of luxury development in the Caribbean, but this is the Pacific and it’s a completely different natural wildlife,” Jose explained. The waters around the island are filled with whales, sharks, sportsfish, and dozens of species of birds on the islands.

Pearl is designed to blend the unique, pristine natural environment with the comforts of a world-class luxury resort, including full-speed internet, clean water, and world-class service.

“The ideal is to live the real experience of a true and close relationship with nature, but in a luxury style,” Jose said. “On Pearl, you can have a world-class lunch while you experience a group of whales passing through the bay. Or you can have a romantic dinner on a private white sand beach while you enjoy a stunning sunset with a glass of wine”

When we arrived at the residential area, we made a quick stop at the marina, which is a starting point for some of the best sportfishing in the world. It is also home to the bar/restaurant Panama Red, a perfect spot to unwind after a busy day on the water.

The next stop was the residential zone, where we toured a spectacular penthouse with vast ocean views. The setting was amazing: from the living room, you could see the tranquil waters and enjoy the feeling of being part of nature, with the fresh ocean breeze and birds singing in the tropical landscape. We received a full rundown on the home options, some of the most unique luxury offerings in the world, considering the picturesque setting.

We then headed to the beach club, the center of activity on Pearl, where we were able to relax for a few minutes, savor a fruity drink and enjoy the location. A few minutes later we were back at the airport and 20 minutes later we were landing in Panama City at 11:30, with plenty of time for the client to make his noon appointment.

I could tell he was impressed with the Pearl experience. “Twenty minutes ago I was sitting on a gorgeous private beach with spectacular marine life and all the comforts of a luxury resort and now I am back in Panama City with the option to connect with the most important cities in the world in a matter of hours,” he said. “Where else in the world is this possible?”

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