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Amador Convention Center Set for Sept. Open

After a tumultuous journey, the new convention center on Amador Causeway is set to open in September, according to news coverage.

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) says the project is 87 percent complete, but more work is needed before the formal opening. The National Tourism Council also approved $12 million for new expenses and extended the construction deadlines, as construction moves into the final phase, the paper reports.

It’s been a long and complicated road to completion for the center, which has faced numerous delays. The latest announcement may frustrate some observers, considering previous timeline announcements. But it is certainly good news that the convention center is tantalizingly close to becoming a reality.

Once open, the convention center is expected to play a major role in the future of business tourism in the city, as well as the development of Amador as one of the city’s prime destination. It will be the largest center in the city and will serve as a social and cultural hub, as well as a conference center.

The convention center will also fuel the development of more amenities and infrastructure on Amador, as well as put the spotlight on the beauty of the Causeway. Coupled with the new cruise port under construction, new trails, and new restaurants, Amador is shaping up as the go-to place for investment money in the city.

The tourist agency notes the convention center on “one of the emblematic tourist destinations of the capital city for the exhibition of spectacular landscapes such as the huge skyscrapers, the Casco Antiguo and the transit of the ships on the interoceanic route.”

U.S. company SMG has been tabbed to run the new convention center.

Photo Courtesy: ATP Panama