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Another Big Solar Plant Coming to Panama

In another sign of the modernization of Panama, a Spanish company is building what is described as the largest solar facility in the country.

Inelsa is building a 150MW photovoltaic (PV) installation with 450,000 modules on a 300-hectare site, which will be able to generate enough power to sustain 160,000 average households, according to PV Tech.

The project is part of “utility-scale solar momentum” to develop solar power in Latin America, according to the publication. But it also represents further evidence that Panama is becoming a leader in sustainable technology, as it develops into a modern, economic powerhouse.

This new project is only the latest in a series of large solar plants in Panama, as the country embraces green energy sources. Earlier this year, former U.S. President Bill Clinton was on hand to launch a 40MW solar complex in David, in the Chiriqui province. A 9.9MW facility backed by funding from the Inter-American Development Bank was completed in 2016.

Panama expects solar, wind and hydro plants to account for 77 percent of total installed capacity by 2050, the publication reports. Panama is already home to an estimated 165MW in installed PV capacity, as of December 2019, PTV Tech reports.